Hard times are part of life and to embrace them is the art of life. A simple stress-buster enables one to embrace challenges and thick and thin of life. Emotional breakdown and financial stress can overcome by stress-buster such as laughter yoga. This stress-buster needs no conventional exercise techniques but it requires the will to kill your worry.

Laughter for men is, overall an invitation to access that I truly am instead of who I want to be.  A yoga instructor interviewed and he said;

 “Hi I am Sandro Lobo; I am an instructor teacher and master of laughter yoga. Laughter yoga is a hand’s on methodology to help everybody laugh no rationale is require”

 “We do laughter exercises, faking it until becomes real. That is because our brain, and this is scientifically prove, does not differentiate a fake laugh from a genuine laugh”.

In laughter yoga put yourself in situations where your ridiculous side also exposed, where you’re less beautiful, less stable, and less serene, the serious part is also being put to the test. 

You start by peeling off layers and that is exactly what we do in yoga. It means to cleanse ourselves. Laughter yoga is mighty, powerful.

And acts an accelerator for this journey of removing masks and revealing the essence of whom we truly are.

Inhale deeply and be aware of your breath. That name “laughter yoga” formed only when we noticed the potential of the practice increase while doing simple yoga berating practices. The required respiratory work is very beneficial.

Even more so when you do it during a laugh, as we all know the benefits that laughter can bring us. 

After laughing for a while and accessing this chaos, this playfulness this childhood when we stop and silence falls our mind stops, also silencing.

So we can experience meditative states derived from laughter. So in our meditation we also try to dedicate even a little bit of our time to see other people also benefiting and laughing and being happy, to see prosperity and that thing that yoga also does.

 As a daily practice of laughter, yoga made me make several changes in myself. We block laughter a lot from our lives. When I began practicing laughter yoga, it gave me a sense of freedom to laugh whenever I wanted. And we know that laughing is good, but we never practice it.

That is why when we start to practice laughter willingly. Without any provocation, it is transformative. people have the company of great friends on their journey. So they live in a community, in contact with nature, so they can do my yoga practice outdoors, listing to nature, listing to birds, listing to cicadas.

 they practice yoga and they practice laughter but trainee also make sure they enjoy the greater source of nature, lightness, and fresh air.

At any given time in my life in the most difficult moments, in the face of a problem that seems to be bigger than me, when I access laughter it shows me who I am and whether the things I desire are things I need.

It gives us the tools to face anything. Laughter takes back to the true self. After having heard and speak after knowing the laughter yoga, you can start now just laugh.


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