When the tables turns around is a phrase we experience so many times. We practice it in our daily lives. This phrase is self-explained all in all and it simply means moving out from the worst scenarios and parked in good ways. Let’s rewind some moments. Did u ever face a heartbreak, did u face poverty, did u fail in exams, and did u lose dear ones in life… Heartbreak poverty and illness are the best teachers. They can teach you the stuff you would never teach in classrooms. In each of the scenarios, you thought about how you would come out… But you did.

Change of position in a good way over the bad one is actually called tables turns around. No matter how much you have to suffer eventually you are out and

Tables turn around:

Now you have authority over the situation, the same situation that had authority some time ago. Your circumstances made you bleed. You are heel now. But take a pause and think about how you are going to act in the next life. Every painful moment changes you. It is you who decide whether to change in a good way or in a bad way. Someone broke your heart. Would you stop believing? Expectedly yes but it takes courage not to let bad things influence your affection. If someone did badly it is okay. It is not okay to take revenge or have a grudge when you are in a good position. Let people go. Forgive them and move on!


An empty stomach and unfulfilled desires can make you the worst creature. Don’t let your hunger influence your thoughts. You know how it feels not to have so when you get enough you must learn to share stuff. Storage is a bad option. You know exactly not having food sucks mentally and physically you must help people when you get in a better position. Feed the people from stuff you have. People deserve kindness. A small gesture of affection can leave a strong mark on someone. Be a chain breaker. Don’t let people suffer from the stuff, you suffered once. Help them and communicate with them. Sometimes, it feels we have stop communication. We just chatter but we do not have real conversations.

Illness is the best teacher you would ever have:

It all starts with good health… Once you lose it you lose everything. Vibrant mind and soul are necessary for a happy and satisfactory life. Okay, suppose you are sick, name 5 people who would stand beside you. Because sickness can test your friends. Why would anyone spend their time to cheer you up? You saw a whole phase of bad health alone. The table has been turned now; you see other people are unwell mentally or physically. You should try to help. Spend time with them because you have an advantage over a bad time. Make the best use. Be a fan of humanity. 


Time will never be the same. It brings ups and downs, thick and thins and drags real faces of all people one by one. Isn’t it scary? The only thing you must practice is that when you have an advantage over someone or something you must be a kind one. Never let your emotions to do bad as someone did to you when you were in a bad position.


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