It has been a year since the pandemic started and the second wave is crushing the world economy once again. The virtual world is a new normal. It is expected that nothing would go back again and we have to adjust to the virtual world. Either it is the physical world or virtual world each has pros and cons. Let’s view them.

Zoom fatigue is real and many people do not like virtual connections. Although it is new normal since the pandemic has started. People are not interested, no matter how tempting is signing in for multiples tabs. It is essentially more than important to find an outlet to connect. Networking is an essential part of virtual ways and finding ways to connect which are not physical is the name of game.

 The video game industry has an upsurge during a pandemic. Digital game spending went up 12% during the first half of 2020. Companies are a stimulating online platform to connect virtually and organize meetings, seminars and conferences.

The intention was to bring what the physical world does. So we all are together in a different type of way. People come to an event they want to connect with people and find resources through human beings.

In zoom, we can feel the pressure to be just focused on the screen and focused on the camera. But actually, our day to day is fill with much more nuanced weaving in and out of focused attention, conversation, and event playfulness.

 Many gaming companies have initiated a platform where you can play and connect at the same time. We can hire people and instruct them virtually.

Many platform and international companies have vacancies for remote work. Virtual opportunities bring chances to meet with more people other than people we know before.

 But people are resistant to virtual meetings and conferences. They are waiting for everything back to normal. People want to travel and meet new people again in person. But maybe sometimes this kind of online conference would be fine.

The virtual world also provides natural cues for networking. Often you are in unusual circumstances or novel aurora it is actually easy for you to talk with a person. You can talk to the people about virtual circumstances and virtual incident.

 And if they are using avatars for instance, virtual world can introduce more diversity in business networking. People that have trouble leaving home due to family situation or their obligation participate and people that have a disability and difficulty moving in the physical world, can participate in the virtual world.

People who have entered the global market for business cannot go from country to country. Therefore they participate in virtual marketing for the promotion of their brand. With avatars, people build up their own identities. If you are in a virtual world you can speak to someone black or grey in color with surprising height. You as a person stepping up to mark diversity.

It may make you take some steps that may not actually feel much comfortable in the real world. It is some kind of barrier.

The only thing that happens when people join virtual communities and market is they have to get much social. It is unclear what appropriate norms for the virtual world are? But it seems we have to devise a new set of norms and values for online interaction.

We have to make a new virtual world is as comfortable as we have a physical one. This is an era of technology and people are promoting their brand getting educated and socializing by online platforms.

They do not go to concert and restaurants anymore instead they use gaming platforms to handle diversity. The one whose hand is finer on technology has more surviving capability than the one who feels uncomfortable.

Since the pandemic start everything is handle online. Technology is a need of time. We need to go for digital and social media platforms for a new normal. Everything has changed in the past year and people slowly but consistently accepting it.

The wisest is one who accepts sooner and moves with time. Technology has made the world accessible. Anytime anywhere we can contact people and run a business successfully.  Even if the pandemic ends still technology has imbedded the paws deeper. We cannot let it go now.


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