Menstruation talks always take as shameful and disgusting content despite of knowing it has a major factor in women’s health. A shame to discuss menstruation problems causes complications in motherhood. Menstruation is a very ours body phenomenon that nature has designed in us and it is equally important as a liver heart and kidney. Negligence over the period cycle makes women face major illness and sometimes infertility.

It is a girl’s body part and every general girl on earth has to go through it.

However, periods taboo is the same in every place irrespective of geographic locations and men shy always when they have to encounter a similar situation.

It is prohibited to talk openly because we have been taught it as disgraceful and shameful content.

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Why menstruation is a taboo for a girl?

A conservative approach leads many women to death. Lack of information and lack of sanitary products in underdeveloped countries trouble the whole life of women. Menstruation considers as covered and disrespectful aspect. People voice faint as they say “periods”.

Why periods are taboo for women especially in a conservative society? Conservative and disgraceful teaching for menstruation has been running for centuries and we are adapting its generations to generations. 

Periods pads or periods tampons have been advertised on TV and available in malls. Menstruation has been teaching in academics and guided by religions. After this socially broad aspect, we are still bound in conservative and orthodox boundaries without any reason.

Boys feel shame and took it disgusting but in reality, they need to understand it is a part of women’s health and they should care more than ever. A menstruation cycle doesn’t stay long but 4 to 5 days generally and they need care and stress-free environment instead of distance.

No matter how liberal our societies are, we still hesitate when it comes to breast, menstruation, sex, and penis.

UK “Red Box project” project for menstruation

A single girl in a home with fathers and brother find it difficult to go and bring sanitary products. Every year 137,000 girls miss their schools. The red box project started in the UK in 2017 to combat girls for missing school.

The red box filled with sanitary and hygiene products and new underwears asked to place in every institute to end this taboo and for the creation and comfortable environment.

This is the most advanced century in the name of technology and medical sciences but we are still attach to orthodox thoughts.

Say “Periods” in everyday life

2017, UK counselor Sian O’Neil said,

“Firstly we have to talk about periods in our social circle and everyday life. We have to be able to say the word and talk about it freely in our homes. If we an attitude of embarrassment and discretion from the outside then that we will permeate through in general society”

The only way to end embarrassment regarding menstruation is to talk more. It is a part of women’s body and hence girls shouldn’t be ashamed while talking and discussing menstruation.

Let the boys understand the commonality and sensitivity of periods so they can care more instead of feeling disgusting.



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