Challenges and problems are part of life. One could not have a stable and stationary phase. Life is a roller coaster ride; ups and downs are an integral part. Challenges and problems put out from the comfort zone by boosting self-strength. Challenges and problems that not only come to test you but to teach as well.

The maximum hold in so far as human life is concerned. Life would be robbed of the fascination, if there were no struggle against impendent to overcome them.

If we were lotus-eaters as of Tennyson we would all the times be overpower by drowsiness and lulled to sleep.

The consumption of lotus would detach us from action and struggle. In that event of life would be shorn of struggle, which is the crown glory of life.

The lamp of life could not be keep burning by laziness and drowsiness. Life is worth living because it involves the strife on the part of man to fight against adverse forces.

The world around us appears interesting because there are adversities to fight against. The developing countries locked up in object poverty are seen to exterminate poverty for raising the living standard of their people.             

They are face to face with development negating forces.

Their journey is full of blocks and impediments yet by confronting these, they a typical sense of joy. The pleasure lies in pursuit rather than a goal.

That is why it is said that travel is dear to live. A wave appears on the surface of the sea. It strikes against the harbor. Wave dies instantaneously. It again appears on the surface of the sea. The purpose continues uninterruptedly.

The harbor is a symbol of stagnation as it is stationary. Hence life is a movement that means moving against difficulties. The course of life is not smooth but rugged. Hence man is to accept the challenges of life and grapple with them adequately.

One is remind of the novel; the old man and the sea, which fight single-handedly against a hostile universe in the sea.

His fights with sharks symbolize the struggle against unfavorable circumstances in life. In short, life would lose all the charms if it were without difficulties and struggle.

Difficulties and challenges of various natures lend charms of life. So we would all time be up with facing them valiantly.

Life has to be challenging. A dull boring life is likely to drain your productivity. Life challenges infuse the soul with faith and hope.

Self-sufficiency is essential if you want to live a happy and satisfactory life. People with self-sufficient souls are courageous in dealing with life difficulties and problems.

Never let any trouble make your moral down. Embrace life challenges and blessings with the same energy. Be kind when life tests you. If it is offering you lemon then make lemonade and add suitable sugar.

Life is temporary and human is mortal. No one is mean to stay here permanent. Live your life with excitement and have a sense of gratitude and never forget to thanks nature for blessings. And always ask patience for trouble. Have faith and hope because one day everything is going to settle down.


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