People fail in life when they stop struggling. People fail in life when they start losing self-confidence. They feel low when they start admitting that focused task is above their capabilities. People fail in life because they lose desire, trust, and struggle and accept failure.

Success is the word that is more widely desired. People spend hours, months, and years and spend all their resources to be successful. But the truth is not everyone achieves it due to one fundamental element of success that is called failure.

If things don’t work out, you suppose it is not meant to be right and usually stop right there but that is the climax of your struggle. That is the time you need to put more effort than before, hence end up quitting. 

Quit doesn’t mean that you leave the profession, it means that you are in the profession but you don’t have motivation. If you don’t have the motivation you ultimately end up the effort for success.

The question, why people fail in life is one of the most asked questions. Nowadays people try to achieve a lot of things yet they are unable to do so.

Like other people, you might also want to achieve something in your life but faced failure. There are many a reason that we all know but we just ignore these. Now I am going to tell you about some things that cause failure.

People Don’t Set A Life Goal

People fail in life because setting life goals might be very frustrating for them. They set a goal and try to accomplish them, yet they failed so, failure might be very frustrating for them.

This might lead them to not to set a goal again in your life. For this purpose, some people say that setting a goal is useless. Why set a goal when you know that you are unable to achieve them.

People Have Blurry Vision

One of the most horrible things that can be deadliest is people don’t know what they are heading to. People think that getting busy will help them achieve their dreams. But this blurry vision makes them fall into a deep dark hole. They clearly don’t know the difference between a life goal and a dream.

You might dream to be a celebrity, have a nice body, or a multi-billionaire but there is a lot of difference between a dream and a goal.

Your dream will only come true when you convert them into a life goal in a more practical way. But if you will not set the targeted objective then it will remain a dream that probably might never be achieved. First, you need to write down your life goals to plan them. 

The question might rise into your mind that;

How Not setting a Life Goal Leads To Fail In Life

Here are five reasons why goals are important in life and how not setting focused objective lead to face failure in life.

Life Goals Give You Clarity In  Life

Having a clear image in your mind about what exactly is your life goal, will clear your path. It will help you to take over procrastination.

You might get the illusion that you are achieving your goal just because you are busy. But staying busy doesn’t mean that you are heading towards successful life until or unless you set your destination and know your way it.

There is a reason why a lot of people are unable to achieve their dreams because they don’t know the difference between a life goal and a dream.

Life Goals Keep You Motivated

 Motivation is the problems people face. Motivation is a state of mind, a driving force that causes a change in others, that makes you do something, especially of great hard work and effort.

It is the process of getting realized the needs of a person to induce them to work for the accomplishment of their life goals.

Most of the works happens due to motivation. If a person isn’t motivated, he might end up giving up his life goal that can ultimately lead to many severe circumstances.

Sometimes it can be very easy to get motivated, and you find yourself drowned in excitement.

Other times, it is almost impossible to figure out how to get motivated that might end up in the death of spiral procrastination.

Steven Pressfield reaches the core of motivation in his book, The War of Art,

“At some point, the pain of not doing it becomes greater than the pain of doing it”.

In other words, it is easier to bear the pain of hard work than the regret of not doing anything. This world runs on the phrase of “The Survival of the Fittest”.

You can only survive in this world if you have a purpose or a goal to accomplish.

People always complain that they want to start reading books, go to the gym, or do this or that but they are unable to do so because they are not motivated which leads to procrastination.

So when you start something, life goals are there to remind you why are you running, what you are doing, and why are you putting all this effort.

They Keep You Focused

Life Goals give you a specific path where you should pay your attention. There are a lot of things around that might distract you from your goal. Some external and internal factors might lead you to stray from your life goal.

They might buy materialistic or abstract. There might be some past experiences of failure or some belief, that affects your state of mind, can demotivate you. 

The main distraction or demotivation comes from such persons who have faced failure or don’t have any knowledge about it, they always say “You can’t do this”. To keep away from these distractions, life goals help you to get rid of toxicity.

Distractions can come from anyway. You might spend your resources on something you desire, there might be your family or friends taking your most of the time.

I am not saying to totally neglect them, but to set time for everything. In these cases, life goals will help you to achieve what you truly desire.

Life Goals Make You Accountable

 Once you have set the goal and started working on it, it will make you more enthusiastic about your dream and also accountable to yourself.

For example, you buy a cold drink or cigarette for you but you will automatically think of buying some healthy food instead of the hazardous things.

It will help you achieve a disciplined life and will direct towards achieving that life goal.  Similarly, if you stay accountable to your actual life goal, you are in fact staying true to your real desire. People fail in life because they are not accountable to goals.

Life Goals Explore Your Best Version

 Life Goals are always set to level up your current living standards. If you set a life goal, this symbolizes you want to achieve something which you don’t have right now to have a better lifestyle and best version of yourself.

Without a goal, you might not be able to improve your life, but this will not be the same level of productivity when you set a goal.

Now, there might be a difficulty for people to set a goal. Here is a question for you Are your life goals is specific enough?

Life goals are essential. More specific the life goal is, you are more likely to understand how much planning is required in terms of time and resources. Try to make your life goals as specific as possible.

The second question you should ask is Are your life goals are worth having?

 “Actually people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years”.

Bill Gates  

What you need to do is just find digestible blocks of work, little pieces of action that will help you effectively bring about change in your life.

When these add up and gain momentum that will help you in the future get a better life.

The key to success is hard work, but it is useless if you don’t work in with passion and interest. Working on your desired task and interest is pretty much easier and you work on it by heart instead of work forced on you.

You might keep working on it but you will not have mental satisfaction which is the most important aspect of a successful life. Always chose a field of self-interest it will make you mentally satisfied. Self-interest work is itself a goal that will lead you to success.

 The third question you should ask from inner; Are you surrounded by the right people? Are you influenced by the right people?

Your surroundings matter a lot. If you are accompanied by people who are educated, passionate, motivated, and want to achieve something. The impact of their company will be positive on you.

You will learn things in no time. They will teach you to do the best use of your time and money. They will never let you astray from your life goal.

But if you own a company of illiterate people having no particular purpose in their life, who are just passing instead of spending their life in a good way. Then your fate will not be different from them.

This reminds me of Rabindranath Tagore’s famous quote;

“At first I thought that life was a joy. Then I learned that life was duty. Finally, I acted and, behold, duty was joy”.

Bottom Lines over why people fail in life

 If you want your dreams to come true then you must set up a life goal, write it down on a paper, take measures, and start working on it. Always keep in mind the reward of struggle and goal.

If you ever feel demotivated, think about the struggle you gave done so far, the hard time you have been going through, and the results of both ends, achieving your goal and giving up half the way.

Always stay in contact with the person who keeps you motivated and never lets you down. He is the real driving force that will never let you astray from your path. He/she might be a family member or your friend. 

If you, one day, achieve your life goal, set another one. Because you should not end up on this achievement. If you have achieved one life goal you can have more successes in your life and other targets will be easier to gain. Never stop because

“Sky is the limit, never doubt yourself, stay focused, never let anyone slow or stop you from concurring your goals and making your dreams happen!”

– Myles Jury.


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