A change is hard to accept but it is important for the survival of a good life. The more you are flexible in accepting distinct elements, the more you lead a good life and it became easier. Uncertainty and unpredictability can shake the ground undoubtedly. They introduce us with a new approach, vision, and perception. Heraclitus said 500 years ago, everything in flux and it keeps transforming from one form to another. A simple example of change is when you are standing at the riverbank; the water who touches your feet won’t be the same every time. A good life comes with embracing change.

 Elena Ferrante, a novelist said, we shouldn’t fear change, if we can handle this flux we can handle life easily.  Many writer, philosopher and artists have described life uncertainty and our effort to resist it. It is understood for humankind to have a fear for a particular, unknown, new and different factor. We survive when we accept it.  Some wish to be a child again when they talk about the notion of change. But resistance will lead to disappointment, hopelessness, pain and suffer. Things would run more smoothly once we accept the philosophy of life flux and the power of acceptance.

John Sellar from the University of London says the theory of Heraclitus is less about the resignation of problems in life and more about accepting change in life. Change is a favorite subject of Stoicism a school of Hellenistic Philosophy. In stoicism, a system of logic and its views in the natural world is the main agenda of discussion. 

Stoics say we do not have any choices, we cannot fight with it. A person who keeps going despite heartbreaks and failures is a person who keeps surviving. The Stoics believe we do not have any choice except we come on terms with change. If we want to live happily in the world we have to live in harmony. Things do not go according to will. But it is also true things do not go without will. This idea has been published in literature and art.

The goal is to lead a happy peaceful life, say sellars. To accomplish this goal we have to keep going, and we have to keep accepting changes that occur often.

Life is a genuine journey, not a flat emotion. And a journey is never smooth and flat. It is always tricky. Do not be afraid of uncertainty.

We must differentiate what is in our control and what is not in our control. How would we approach a change that matters?

We can do a lot to the notion of change except having panic attacks, anxiety, or fear. A sense of understanding and acceptance is required to be in terms of change.

However, change in all major components of life makes you anxious and stressed. Life is unpredictable and uncertain. However, to live it well you have to be the artist. Understand the color of life and enjoy what nature has given you to look into.

It is a phrase used by Tom Hanks regarding the coronavirus pandemic. This phrase is used in change, crises and a new beginning. Change is the uncertainty in life and pain is the agent of a change. We neither can lesser the change nor pain but we can improve our adaptation for change in better terms.

It is the pain we learn personally and universally. Change is the base of all history. People change before they can realize and resist. You cannot resist transformation; if you are intended to do the end would nothing but pain and suffer.

Support courage and compassion will help in adopting change. Slow modifications are always effective. Because slow modifications are intentional. Better understanding and broad perspective would help in understanding the base of change as well as all the efforts you make to adapt it.

Change is a natural phenomenon. You cannot resist it buy you can adapt it more flexibly. Resistance against nature makes you suffer and anxious. Let things go how they are supposed to go. 

Sometimes letting go is better than holding back. Your script in that world is already writer by nature. You cannot modify it but you can act in a better manner.

Life is never going to same and easy. It would go change and harder. You cannot stop thick and thins but you can learn how to survive.

This is not the era of the fittest but the wisest. The one who knows how to keep changing with the world is successful and live a good life. Human is mortal and his stay in the world should be peaceful rather than anxious and exhausted.

The key component of leading a peaceful good life is to adopt change. A problem is not a problem unless we make it. If you feel the circumstances are changing, you must learn and find new opportunities and lessons instead of blaming why life has done to you. It is possible at present moment you are unable to understand the plans of nature but the time will tell, everything which has happened had a purpose. No matter how many troubles you have in life, your morals must not go down. Live them and learn for them. Because survival has the ground of learning.


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