According to the oxford dictionary alone expresses the state of not having people around a person. When a person confined to place without the interference of other subjects he is referenced as alone.  People around us cause chaos. This chaos does not allow listening to our inner instincts. Negligence and avoidance cause incalculable impairment. A measurable span causes immeasurable damage. Irresponsible behavior and careless attitude harm self-personality.  These approaches can take your life for granted. You get a life once. It is your responsibility to make it better. This is okay to be friendly and having social gatherings in life. But spending all the time with people makes you forget about yourself.  From Learning to holding a decision it must be you and your will. None of the secondary approaches should allow influencing your perception of your life.

Living alone is a roof for self-learning

Self- learning is a state of understanding about respective subjects and objects. This leaning is without any contribution from the external environment. You learn and you lead. The only factor who develops perception and takes decision is you. You are solo responsible for perception, thoughts, approach, and decision. Self -learning introduce you to secrecies of personality that eventually expose the secrecies of life. How philosophical self- learning is. Not everyone is brave enough to carry the journey alone. Staying and carrying learning about your soul and matter is a tough job. I repeat a very tough job. Self -leaning is a door of self- improvement and this door opens a door of a better version of you. Every step of life demands modification. Self -learning makes it easy by guiding and polishing your excellence. This learning tackles cones of a person’s personality. Self-learning is the first step of Success.

Let’s decode others!

Self- Negotiation

Self-Instincts and self-negotiations are mandatory parts of life. Deep down somewhere our mind can catch the rays of the future. These rays warn you about events that are likely to happen. But how many people grasp the bubble of the future? Self- negotiation is nothing but a discussion between you and you and very you. It is a pure code of: with you, by you and for you. Self negotiation has a part to play as

  • Motivation for objectives
  • Refrying from harmful elements
  • Guiding for strategies
  • Concentrating your vision
  • Encouraging to start all over again


Whenever you sit alone with yourself you ask did you do enough did you do well? How much you need improvements. What are your strong points and how to tackle the weak one? How are you going to make it? No other person can decide this factor for you. The solo and very you understand and run things. Honesty is an important factor. You must honest about work, You are the best critique for the productivity you are offering to the audience. You can sense it when you do and have the best. Living alone and staying alone are your choices. The best mentor you can get is you. Therefore it is important to live alone for the sake of learning and success.

Do you agree with me staying alone is better than chaos.?


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