Italy is in crises

Italy has hatted by corona ruthlessly and left China behind. China is a spot of Explosion of corona in the world. Coronavirus (COVID-19) is creating chaos among people by putting down physically and psychology. Symptoms are as same as in flu but are sever. Running nose to lung collapse are levels of infection. Social distancing and locking down at home are preventive measures. No country is successful in preparing a vaccine or introducing a cure. Prevention are all we know until now. 

Some Facts about Coronavirus.

Symptoms of COVID are;

  • Dry cough
  • High temperature
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Sore throat
  • Lungs damage

Total reported cases in Italy are 59,138. Total deaths are 5,476 and recovered cases are 7,024.

According to resources, Italy reports 793 deaths in one day. But we must observe facts and figures why and how Italy got such massive damage. 

Coronavirus spread by physically in touch with an infected person. Hand, nose and eyes are prime entries for the virus. Probably social gatherings are at dangers when people handshake and physically interact they get infected, like any other common cold flu.

80 percent of people recover without showing severe symptoms but still, the world is at risk just like Italy.

Italy prime minister Giuseppe Conte stated

“We have lost it on earth after putting everything available into action, We now speak mercy from the skies”.

Why Italy has been hit so badly more than any other country in the world.

Continued movements and lack of rule of law drowned the Italy deep and deep. Italy has a more aged group than young souls. Coronavirus has infected two age groups the older and the younger not adults. Italy, unfortunately, has a broad number of aged people. They did not take isolationary measures.

They did no pay attention to Wuhan and Korea. People are dying every day, a shortage in the graveyard made the whole world sorry for them. Things could have been better in Italy if they would have measured at the right time. Isolation, staying at home, no social gatherings, over and overuse of sanitizers and the use of masks outdoor are the best preventive measure. 

What do we need to do in these moments?

It is our responsibility to aware people of the outcomes of infection. We need to inform why we must avoid social gatherings. People need to understand why a country lockdown is necessary. Italy is the best reference for those who do not take precautionary measures.

Challenges at the door

We are having a list of challenges in the pandemic era;

  • Psychological relaxation
  • Precautionary measures at home
  • Use of social media for an awareness campaign
  • Restrict outdoor movements and social gatherings
  • Help for daily labors during the lockdown

We must put chaos at the corner of the mind and have a ray of hope for better days. Psychological relaxation is important during coronavirus global crises. People must not panic no matter what the circumstances are. All frequently use hand sanitizer and wash out and hands at intervals. The need is to take healthy food over junk food.

It is the archaeology era. We must utilize our time to aware people of how corona virus spread by gatherings and should urge them to stay at home. We must not go outside for any reason except medical needs. The ones who earn daily are at high risk of corona virus and poverty. We should help them. Humanity is the priority we should take care of purchasing groceries for them.

Italy is a deadly and painful example when a nation takes an irresponsible and careless approach, she must be visited by pain and tear.


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