Human Is More Than What He Has Become

Life purpose is nothing but a manuscript to spend your time. A human is always more than what he has become. The only limitations are the ones that he set himself. Otherwise the concept of impossibility and limit does not exist. It has been ages since the planet has formed. It has been ages since human is curious about nature. The inquiry is never-ending. Humans are complex and advanced creatures among other communities. However it merely a perception we cannot find what we came for in this world. What is the purpose? Life is fair. It gives what you ask. If you seek purpose it will give purpose. The time is never right you have to make it right. In the same way, there is no such thing called the right decisions instead you make one. Indeed human is more what he thinks about his capability, willpower, and labor force. A human may found his purpose early or may he can take a whole life to realize what he comes for. It is inquest that forces you to find the statement of purpose.

Excite Your Curiosity To Find Purpose

Never underestimate curiosity. A desire to learn new things play a vital role in setting your priorities. Curiosity ignites the mind. It broadens your creativity as well as it helps to differentiate what you like and what you do not like. The life of a person revolves around him. It does not belong to secondary elements or any human or materialistic thing.

The only thing that matters in life is the vision of a person. At end of the day, it is you with you. Self-sufficiency is a key factor for success. Self-sufficiency comes when you are strong enough to move alone on a life journey. Your curiosity to know yourself paves the path for success. When you accept you do not know about certain things, it is the moment you find an incredible statement of purpose. Ignorance is a baseline of curiosity.

The one who lives in the illusion of knowing all is arrogant and ignorant at the same time. Inquisitive people ask questions to seek answers and ready to learn even more. They know learning is immortal and it does not have an end. Find out what inspires you and who leaves a deep impact on your cognitive ability. You are the person you like things. Your personality is defined by the choices you make and the things you like.

Examine your Motives To Define Purpose Statement

Your motives must be honest and pure. The permanent validation to perform a task comes within. Every external secondary component leaves a temporary remark but self-realization and self-validation leave a permanent impact. The motives must be good. You must vow for truth and honesty to carry them.

Examine your motives, analysis your strategies to carry them. If plan A does not work out, you still have 26 alphabets. Indeed the alignment in your heart, head and hands would take time. But you can recognize your motive. You can make the best efforts to carry them.

Find your strength, be concentrated and utilize your strength to carry the task. It is the will power that pushes to make choices. Be confident in your choices. Never let people or circumstances tell you what you want to do. The purpose of life demands consistency and passion. It does not support a person with a messy head.

Life purpose helps people who are clear in vision and determined in mission. Examine your motives to pave the path to success. To make a life goal you have to priorities your life. The statement of purpose should be clear. Concentrate your focus while defining priorities. It will save you from disturbing thoughts and it will keep you on a journey of success.

Ignite Your Intuition

Intuition is the sense to do certain things without a rational approach. It is the validation to perform a task or invisible guidance for a certain journey. Intuition is clear when you have a pure clean heart and good motives. It is clear when your mind is free of all disturbing thoughts and your eyes do not wear colors.

You see the things as it is and never try to repaint them. Listen to your guts what they are telling you. Listening and following intuition will make your purpose-driven. But it is hard to live on guts while you are part of conservative orthodox personalities. Life is not easy when society needs an obedient statue instead of a creative mind.

Rejection is at every step and hence they can shake your confidence but always remember you are responsible for your life. In the end, it is you who has to answer before yourself. Give your self-priority.

Be strong enough to take a stand that is right for you. Life is short, never spending in grudge and oppressed by thinking about what would society think. We are here to live a life and we should count every second of it.

Putting Core Elements All Together For Life Purpose

Put seek, ask and receive together for eternal success. Life does not work how you plan but it works when you keep asking and receiving success. If you can imagine it, you can do it. Life is fair and it always bends down for a stubborn soul.

However, never go for disappointment and hopelessness. If things are not working out maybe it is not the right time to ask them. Your job is to put effort and rest left for nature. Accept success and failure and never take back your statement of purpose. 


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