In 2020, nations are fighting an unseen war. Havoc damage is knocking at the door. Coronavirus COVID-19 has been damaging the world since November 2019, city Wuhan China. Coronavirus COVID-19 has damaged the statue of power wealth and beauty. Develop and underdeveloped countries are moaning over the death of the public. Economic resources are shattering. Lockdown (only defensive measure) has saved the people from catching coronavirus but meanwhile increased psychologically stress worldwide. Cage life at home has disturbed children by closing schools. Every person is moaning over the psychological and economical damage. After giving a severe hit to the world, COVID-19 coronavirus hasn’t ended yet.

Are we facing mere coronavirus COVID-19 as a terror?

Probably not. The world economy has damaged. Every government sector around the world is putting resources to cope with the virus. An unknown virus terror has been parked in people. Doctors have re-assigned in respiratory wards to perform the job.

Medical facilities are getting short while coronavirus cases have been increasing. Governments have been pledged to eradicate the coronavirus pandemic no matter whatever it takes. Any other medical treatments are secondary now. Secondary medical treatments are sexual treatments, vaccination, cancer screening program, mental health support programs.

How are other medical treatments being affected by coronavirus COVID-19?

Around the globe, patients are complaining about the ignorance of short medical facilities and carelessness. Other transplant surgeries, kidney dialysis, and cancer programs have affected. A reported from Balkan stated that women are practicing dangerous abortion techniques. People due to COVID-19 terror are using hydroxychloroquine which uses in malaria.

These practices increase the death rate. HIV, tuberculosis, malaria are increasing death on the same scale as coronavirus COVID-19. Some scientists predicted that illnesses such as cholera can increase death rate far more than the COVID-19 pandemic itself.

Vaccinations are particularly a concern for WHO. 80 million children are at risk for measles, diphtheria polio vaccines. This vaccine program has now shorted in 68 countries. Polio expects to come back to the world. It is expected that we will reverse decade if polio comes back, which eradicated by the billion-dollar program.

What is the true damage caused by coronavirus COVID-19?

Johns Hopkins University Maryland stated coronavirus pandemic concerns. The effects  are the same as Ebola in West Africa 2014. Maryland survey involved in how coronavirus pandemic can affect the women and children in underdeveloped countries. COVID-19 can increase causalities in Sub-Saharan African areas.

People are anxious about medical facilities and hence do not have medical checkups that damage their health even more. Medical health workers affect by viral pandemic as well. They are catching an infection from COVID-19 carrier.

A shortage of food can trigger other viral infections. Healths services reduced by 50% as well as male nourishments have increased by the same amount. 56700 mothers and millions of children can die by the pandemic.

Children’s causalities may trigger by diarrhea, dehydration and pneumonia. Mothers can face sepsis, hemorrhage complication in pregnancy. 30 million people are depending on the World food program WFP. Due to the shortage, 300,000 people can die due to starvation each day. On 13 May, New York City published data where death by COVID-19 pandemic are 118 times higher in 75 years old than 17 years old.  

The fatalities are under debate. Older people are greatly at risk than a young one. It has been reporting that people may die by other viral and bacterial infections than Coronavirus itself.


A massive survey by the United Nations and WHO conducted in which elaborate people may have a high risk of other viral infections than COVID-19.

Newborn children in the poorest countries are at high risk by a shortage of MMR vaccine. They are likely to inhale the poliovirus.

This is a hard year without any doubt. A ray of hope may save us from psychological damage. Every institute has affected by a coronavirus. We cannot do anything except holding rays of hope.

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