Digital Abuse is very common. Every 1 in 4 is harassed in digital abuse. In this world where we are consistently surrounded by technology, we must know different types of abuses that leave a bad impact offline and online. Have you been asked about the pass cord of social accounts by your partner or friend, or have you forced to click inappropriate nude pictures for the fascination of a love partner, or have you been tortured by massive text while you are on work? These all are different types of digital abuse. These kinds of digital abuse are committed by life partner, love partner, friend, and acquaintance. 

Some people are skillful enough to make you guilt-tripping. If you are not handing over your phone or you do not want to capture and send nudes they may tag you uninterested, disloyal or make themselves innocent and pity. They try to trap you in guilt. It is also a form of digital abuse. Never do things that later make you uncomfortable.

Words are strong but actions have power. Never fell for a person who shares only a bond for words and in reality, the image is different. Never hand over everything to a person who does not show effort, compatibility, internal bond, or a sign of commitment.

It is not okay to invade and let invade in privacy. A human is born free. He is free to make choices and set preferences. Life wouldn’t be enough hard if we start accepting diversity rather than objectifying diversity. We must accept distinct elements. Humans are poles apart when it comes to cognitive ability and emotional capability.

Even the member of the same family has different attachments with the same constitute. A relationship should not feel like a prison where we are bounded by a conservative outlook under the garb of possessiveness and protection.

It is a crime and a violation of the basic human right to command someone’s linguistic approach. It is even a bigger crime to make changes in someone’s friend circle according to your own perception. Every human has a right to live a free life. He has a right to choose the paths that he wants to carry on.

If you are not resisting autocracy and personal involvement in a relationship then you will suffocate emotionally and mentally later. It will make you bound and reduce productivity.

A prisoner faints shines and the spark that is the mark of his individuality. You will become merely a puppet. A dominance always brings one sided ego satisfaction and another sided mental suffocation. It does not bring balance to the relationship.

You can avoid digital abuse in a relationship by discussing a comfortable level. You can open up to your partner to the limit where the peace of mind does not scatter. Peace comes first. If you are not internally happy then no person or material can make you happy. Peace comes within.

It has nothing to do with an outer substitute. Find your peace and maintain it. Never bring a change that makes someone happy by putting your calm at stake.

Life is a long journey. You met many people. Hence, you cannot make happy everyone and you do not need to have the approval of others. You must live it on your own terms. It is essential to accept and stand for your individuality. In the same way, never invade someone’s privacy. Invade only if someone comfortable to share it with you.

The mutual decision over the participation or withdrawal from personal matters will save chaos and misunderstanding. It will lead to a major breach that later causes breakup. A relationship is a two-sided bond and to run it smoothly both need to make space for each other so they can maintain their spark, as well as both, can enjoy endless companionship mark.

It is important to find mutual happiness medium to avoid misunderstanding. It is inappropriate if someone texts all day without realizing what the other person wants.

If both enjoy texting all day then it is good but if one feels comfortable and the other feels bounded then it is an unhealthy relationship and the force to do texting all-time recognize as digital abuse. In this situation, both partners need to sit and discuss together how they should maintain a happy medium together.

You are not bound to inform your partner about your whereabouts. You are not a slave. An individual is free to move anywhere with anyone irrespective if someone’s secondary is harmful. You are free to choose a circle of good and reliable people. You both can have mutual, trusty, decent ones in life.

A group of a mutual friends is even more fun. However, you do not owe whereabouts. If someone fight on why didn’t you tell whereabouts then ask him directly not to impose conclusive steps which you do not feel comfortable to follow. Never put peace of mind at stake to make someone happy. Your happiness is your responsibility because at the end of the day you will be standing alone.

A healthy relationship has a boundary. If you are in a relationship it does not mean you can intrude on someone’s privacy by opening all chat tabs. A person shares a different comfort zone with different people. You cannot be his soul mat,e friend, best friend colleague, work assistant, and counselor altogether.

He needs to have a healthy society. However, never argue over the priority that he makes in life. It would create toxicity in a relationship and the result would be devastating.

Life is precious and it is a perfect roller coaster. You met many people but how many stays in life depends on circumstances. You cannot predict someone’s stay in your life. Try to avoid a balance mutual healthy relationship either it is a siblings, friends or a life partner.

Sit and discuss healthy boundaries comfortable zone instead of imposing unhealthy toxic boundaries. And if in a relationship someone shows digital abusive behavior try to correct or leave because sometimes people do intentionally and your silence will going to make you suffocated mentally and emotionally.


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