Coronavirus (COVID-19) has a high prevalence rate than we expected. China and Italy faced massive damage and now this infection is ready to hit Pakistan. Country has 1070 recorded cases with a high pathogenic density in the Sindh. People are terrified but some got high stubbornness attitude for quarantine. WHO stated “Staying inside the home is an only defensive measure against coronavirus”. It will not affect if we will not interact. But people are reluctant in their approaches. Pakistan has socio-economic backwardness. People have a false religious perception that is gradually hunting them down.

Quarantine and Coronavirus

Coronavirus is taking the world all and all. This (COVID-19) damages the lungs and causes 2% population death.The best way is locking down people inside their homes.But in Pakistan situation is different. People are not willing to stay at home. There are many reasons.

  • Pakistan is under developing country and cannot support citizen financially
  • People move to earn bread and butter
  • Illiteracy rate
  • False religious beliefs

Ever-increasing inflation is proved as a backbreaker for the lower class.They are unable to earn enough to store groceries during curfew.Prime minister Imran Khan opposed complete lock-down in-country by considering the economic condition of Pakistan.We, unfortunately,have poor infrastructure and rooted deep in corruption.Laborers who are earn on daily basis cannot support family financially but stick to home.He must need to move outside.But his outdoor movements will put him at high risk.

Role of Illiteracy and False religious beliefs

Pakistan is a country of different sects.Illiteracy is a major setback for country prosperity. Lack of education creates a lack of transparency.Muslim majority creates confusion regarding different aspects of religion. Every sect has own agenda and own justification.Lack of tolerance has putted the country on fire many times.People must respect the distinct element.Education is a key to unlock the mind.Extremist ulema and their toxic speech mislead crowds.Death is a corroborating spot but people put themselves and others on risk by not acting carefully.People ignore the facts of precautions and make false justification by citing from Islam.Illiteracy and Support from religious beliefs have put our country at the highest risk. After 1000 cases even,the public is not serious about taking precautionary measures.Let’s suppose if we succeed in having complete quarantine installation would we have enough resources to support public answer is No Pakistan is going to be in deep trouble because irresponsibility from public and lack of resources from the government will give a huge blow to all dimensions of state.

Concluding Remarks

Pakistan must have a wise approach to attaining a quarantine sphere.We are not alike any other country. We have our socio-economic problems.We cannot have complete curfew neither we have enough resources to support people.So question is how we are going to deal with this challenge.Some opinions we can suggest regarding this matter.Firstly, it is partially locked down in the country.Secondly is an awareness campaign regarding the coronavirus outbreak.Lastly,is the application of prevention must adopt by force,not by will. But what you think, how Pakistan is going to cope with quarantine challenge.


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