Priorities are those aspects of life that are meaningful and crucial. Challenges and choices go side by side. Hence, you cannot stick to the same thing lifetime. You have to make a choice and have to rank priorities with the passage of time. By defining selective and important choices you will clear uncertainty and will light up shoulder.

 It is better to be master in one than a jack of all trades. Multi purposes will divide focus and commitment which likely to fail your every purpose. However, uncertainty in priorities will mess up your productivity at work. 

Always choose top priorities, make strategies, define actions, and never let external elements influence your management.

5 ways how you should define priorities

Life will become happier and fulfilling when you know the direction and plan strategies accordingly. You can improve your well-being on a daily basis.  If you talk to happily successful stable people then you will know the only thing that keeps them prosperous is a clear vision and strong commitment.

One thing at a time

Always focus on one subjects at one time with full attention. Rank your priorities. The first thing comes first. Never change sequence according to mood or circumstances. A definite vision is crucial for healthy life.

In the end, the best day is one when you knew a specific occasion has nothing to do with happiness. You still can celebrate the ordinary days. You do not have to wait for more time.

A simple straight focus on one subject will clear doubts and suspicion. Never push yourself too hard sometimes letting go will save more than keeping on hold.

Family and friends come first

Success is never about materialistic achievement but the sound of claps when you win. Friends and family come first. Give them top priority. People with genuine ambitious nature never leave a relation for achieving a goal. They know how to keep a balance between family and work.

They take professional and personal life side by side. People on deathbed regretted they could have spent more time with family. And it is a life lesson for all who trying to make money and forgetting spending time with loved ones.

Value over urgency

John Wolfgang said;

“Things which matters most never be at mercy of things which matter least”

  • Do what is important
  • Review circumstances and all obligations
  • Choose action according to value instead of urgency.

The urgency in daily life haze the vision however in particular circumstances always go for important and valuable actions. Never take granted vital purposes for secondary ones.

Effort over words

Listen to the inner. Never let people tell what you are capable of. Your heart already knows what truth is. The best judgments you can make for someone are the efforts they make instead of the words they speak. Always fell for effort, not words. Action speaks reality meanwhile words are deceptive.

Always seek what you desire and give what you can best. People with strong ambition put maximum effort for better output. Priorities your action and always keep talking less about life goals. It is better to be low in some life aspects.

Leave room to breath

Life does not go the way it is planned. Hence, be prepared for uncertainty in life. It is okay to be tired. Think better and live better. Keep your space and time ordered.

Always be flexible and open to life twist. It is okay if life does not work you want however something should keep going without interference. Whatever happens, it always happens for the reason.


Life is a long journey of ups and downs. Live a life that you dream. Always prioritize and manage your life goals. Never take time or life for granted. You should be responsible for your actions.

Count your blessings, not your trouble. Life is never going to easy you have to survive. Give as much as you take. Cry when you need and allow yourself to be weak. Once you cry out loud, everything going to be transparent.


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