School reopen is a bad idea in pandemics. The whole is terrified by the deadly consequence that a tiny virus has shown. America Italy France is facing massive damage. Thousands of people are confirmed cases and equally dragged to death. This flu strain is spread by contact with a career. Schools have closed since the virus got uncontrolled. In the whole scenario, putting children on risk is a bad idea. Will school reopen during a pandemic? This question has been negotiating for a few days. China tried best to lock the virus, but still, new cases are popping out. 

A flashback on COVID-19, school closing and education

All was going good and normal, suddenly all changed and closed. We never thought about in our dreams so, but it happens now in real life. The Global Economic effect badly. All schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, shops, markets, playgrounds, religion places all the places are closed in the whole world.

All the places are bleak. There is no voice. And for all this, the reason is only one CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19). All the Big and all the Small countries are having the waves of this virus. And there are so many questions on everybody’s mind. And they continuously asked questions to their government.

How COVID-19 affect the world?

The Global COVID-19 pandemic has so many effects on the world’s political, social, educational, economic, religious and financial structures. We should be worry about in this phase of the CORONAVIRUS that has a direct impact on children and youth because the education system is closed from two and a half months. There is no study for a long time. Their future is on risk. So the big question is that will school reopen in the fall of 2020?

 There is no final answer of any government of the country. They are great disadvantages on children such as Damages in learning, and children missing their most important study of the day because that learnings and study give them as an essential daily meal. The all government of countries temporarily closed the schools and high school and all departments of education. So there is no idea when school will reopen in 2020?

School closures impact not only students, teachers and families, but have extensive economic and social concerns. The impact was more serious on disadvantaged children and their families, resulting in learning break, poor nutrition, child care problems and, therefore, economical prices for families incapable of working. Nobody has the final statement about will High school reopen in fall of 2020, or they will remain close for more time.

Should school remain close or not?

Many suspicious effects are there for closures and reopen up about high schools. Coronavirus issue may not allow the reopening of school in the autumn deadline or at mid of 2020. This is a serious situation for all education departments. But some rural states hope to open schools in May.

Some heads of state, Secretary of Education and the Centers for Sickness Control and Anticipation companies have little to say about how schools should plan for the future. More close, because it is not safe for children. Children’s health is the first priority on a global scale.

Left all these departments to develop a plan, local and state education officials meet. Many of the Presidents of different countries expect that.

 “We don’t think the school will resume at the end of 2020 until the vaccine is discovered”.

 The world government has ordered everyone to stay home and keep distance learning work. Many schools have hundreds of students and staff, raising questions about how they will perform under orders of social isolation. There is still a question there will school reopen in fall of 2020? Assuming that the number of new coronavirus cases continues to decline for another two weeks, states could begin phase two, which would include reopening schools.

However, some noted an obvious contradiction in the guidelines, because some people are still there to play their negative part anyway. The people, in phase two, indicate that schools can resume, but also mention that people avoid meetings of more than 50 people.  

Curriculum and further instruction took by Departments of education for school to follow social distancing guidelines.

Even after schools restart classes in person, things typically will seem very different from what we used to. Many schools have made it possible to manage online lessons or direct learning on the internet.

The children will set the meeting time with the teachers and organize their schedule accordingly. In Georgia, California and Washington, DC, they recognized that some form of distance learning might continue from time to time throughout the 2020-2021 school years or beyond. Almost all of them requested to obey to strict protocols for a social extension, including capacity restriction, which requires workers and customers to wear masks and ensure that people are kept six feet away.

It believes that in order to include spacer desks six feet away, temperature controls could be public and students will have lunch at their desks instead of leaving the classroom, closing playgrounds and organizing school assemblies to cancel. And students and teachers will follow these roles strictly in their routine during school hours. Some schools are also discussing ways to bound class sizes, including student lesson times.

It means that half of the students attend classes in the morning and the other half in the afternoon. In this case, social stretching can be easily maintained. Both plans predict new waves of viruses which in the future will lead to the closure of schools; this will be another reason for keeping distance learning plans. The plans call for schools to operate in parallel, online and in person. This requires noteworthy investments in materials, equipment and teacher training, equipment and connectivity for families. This curriculum will maintain by all high school till the age of COVID-19.


The education system has stopped all their activities, curriculum and learning strategies due to pandemic COVID-19. School closures also effect on student’s lives very badly. There is no last conclusion about will school reopen in the fall of 2020?

So, the steps (for a child’s better future and for continuous learning) have taken by some education minister in high school are actually ruining a student’s life. There are many reasons behind all these contradictory remarks.

According to records, it should assume that all the students don’t have equal facilities. Alike some of the students have no computer or laptop, and some of have this but without internet. So these kinds of things may lose heart and hurt some student’s sentiments.

For teachers or students who do not have Wi-Fi at home, the area must know how to buy or rent a Wi-Fi hot spot. Teachers who have not used the learning management system repeatedly have to dive to avoid communication disruption after a sudden closure.

Teachers should educate themselves and their students about the technology applications and tools they may need in the event of closure. They need time to plan. The problem is that teachers do not practice in the classroom and therefore send incomplete data to students and do not prevent them from driving devices home properly. Communication should go beyond logistics and academics. The short delay in starting an online lesson will have long-term consequences.

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